Shri. Siddaramaiah

Hon'ble Chief Minister


  • The Chief Minister’s Relief fund was established as per the GO No: FD 103 ACP 58, Dated 03/12/1958 and rules were framed according to the GO No: FD 35 BMS 1978, Dated :12/09/1078.
  • The Relief amount is being released solely on the basis of the discretionary powers of the Hon’ble Chief Minister.
  • No budgetary allocation is made for the CMRF. The donations made by the general public, Corporate Institutions, Board-Corporations and other constitute the CMRF. The donations are totally exempted from Income tax.
The rules are framed to provide financial assistance to the following categories.
  • (a) Poorest of the poor People
  • (b) Eligible unemployed
  • (c) Patients undergoing treatment preferably suffering with deadly diseases
  • (d) Eligible people with disabilities
  • (e) on the accidental death of the head of the family or the earning member of the family

There is a considerable rise in the number of applications submitted to the CMRF section. There are a few incidents where repeated applications are submitted, Xerox bills are submitted along with second application, applications are submitted to CMRF after availing benefit from other sources like PMRF, Ayushman Bharath, Arogya Karnatak, Private Insurance co, etc. There is no provision for such applications and are rejected.

The family with B.P.L is only eligible to seek relief from CMRF The applicant has to submit
  • An application
  • BPL card
  • EPIC and Aadhar card
  • Final Bills in original
  • Discharge summary

If the patient desires to take the treatment, then instead of final bills and discharge summary, he/she can submit Estimate from the concerned hospital for treatment.

The Medico Legal Cases are not entertained for the sanction of relief under CMRF